Clarke Donelson Photo | About

     I don’t want to write an About page, dammit.  Honestly, who cares?  But I know I’m supposed to.  Everybody who knows about these things says so.

     O.K.  Born in Portland.  Started holding cameras early.

     I've had a lot of hobbies.  Too many, maybe.  Artsy music.  Opera.  Studying piano.  Reading.  Flying an airplane.  Riding motorcycles.  In the last few years, I rode across the country a couple times.  If you haven’t done that, you should, at least in a car if not on a motorcycle.  I’ve missed only North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida and New England; so I need to make at least one more cross-country trip.

     Across the years and the hobbies, photography has been the constant.

     Thanks for reading.  You should get something valuable in return for your time.  Here it is.  A tip.  Go to Ancestry Brewing on 13th in Sellwood.  Order the onion-rings.  They’re excellent.  You’ll thank me.